Look to the Sun

Look to the Sun, Fujichrome slide photograph, 16'' x 24'', 2005

Deedra (Doht) Oberle, grew up in Quincy, Illinois and took her first photograph with the help of her father using his Ciro-flex camera which still sits on her bookshelf.  By junior high school she had graduated to a little blue box camera taking candid photos of friends and family.  After she was married and had two sons, she returned to school and earned a degree in Mass Communications from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa and spent the next 20 years working in the field of public relations and advertising often taking the photographs herself for newsletters and other projects. 

Dee's earlier work, in black and white film, is mostly environmental portraits and documentary street photography.  After attending the Santa Fe Photo Workshop she began working more with color slide film and moved into nature photography taking workshops from Douglas Beasley and Hank Erdmann.  In  2005 photography became a full-time passion and business when she and Heidi Brandt formed Gypsy Chicks Photography specializing in fine art and editorial images, digital workshops and mailable art cards. 

Their work has been featured in Midcoast Art exhibits, Iowa Arts Beat Magazine and is available for sale at Unique Art and Eclectic Eye Galleries in Bucktown Center for the Arts, Davenport, IA, Quad City Arts, Rock Island Illinois and Artswork, LeClaire, IA.

About her work, Dee writes, "I consider myself a street photographer and since I have made my living as a writer, my camera and photography were first used as a way to document things I wanted to write about. When I wander with my camera, whether on the streets of New Orleans or in my backyard, my senses are keener and I see through new eyes.

I would never be happy working in a studio controlling light and shadow.  I have no desire to manipulate nature or human nature. Photography, I believe, can help us see the obvious. In the last few years I have been more interested in the beauty of the patterns and textures that we often are too busy to see and I am intrigued by peeling paint and rusty metal and buildings that are forgotten but not gone.

I am working on a series I call Wabi Sabi and another featuring the color Blue.  In the future I hope to experiment more with photo transfers and mixed media."

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