Untitled, Type C color photograph, 18.5'' x 23'', 2007

Jim Snitzer was born in 1951 in Santa Monica, California.  He received a B.A. at the  University of California at Los Angeles in 1973 and an M.F.A. from the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1976.  Jim currently teaches Photography and Silkscreen at the University of Iowa.

About his work, Jim writes, "Much of what we experience in the world is mediated by photographic imagery, so much so, that second-hand information has replaced first-hand experience.  What has become widely acknowledged, according to the French theorist Jean Baudrillard is that "we no longer judge our images in terms of how well they resemble experience, but rather we judge our experience in terms of how much it resembles our images." In a more cynical tone, he has gone on to remark that  "When it is no longer possible to fabricate the unreal from the real, the process will be the opposite-to put models of simulation in place and contrive to give them the feeling of the real...to reinvent the real as fiction."  Photography's complicity in this process of simulation is easily recognized.  Past and present become interchangeable to the point where photographic fiction passes for fact - our references for the  landscape draw as easily  from  the 19th century geological survey explorations  as they do from Disneyesque hyperbole.  My  own images - studio tableaux in the form of intricately detailed model sets - allude to various cultural myths surrounding our relationship to the landscape."

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