Kentucky Cut Hills

Kentucky Cut Hills, 12" x 12", 2008

Travis Head was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and received his BA in Studio Art at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.  He lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa where he received his MFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Iowa in 2008.

Of his work, Head writes, "At the heart of my studio practice is the impulse to stake out the parameters of my known world through the means of journaling and cartography. I identify with the Victorian inclination toward categorization and organization, but my method for choosing subject matter derives from the romantic rather than the intellectual.  Drawing, as a means of thinking with my hand, functions as a bridge between the analytical mind that scrutinizes and collects and the sentimental mind that memorializes. Recently this way of thinking has led to the creation of work with an ordered landscape as the subject. Taking on a variety of formal manifestations this body of work comes out of a desire to commemorate specific places and personal events by making images of the landscape that are more codified than organic. The geometric layout of elements, unusual perspective, and symmetry present in most of my images suggest a landscape designed in the absence of a natural example. It's important to me that these spaces and objects acknowledge and engage their own artificiality and that they function as propositions more than pictures."

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