Dancing Ocean

Dancing Ocean, glass seed beads with crystals, fresh water pearls, sea shells, brass wire, paua shell, 15'', 2002

Cindi has a BFA degree in graphic design from Iowa State University. She has worked as a graphic designer and floral designer since 1992, and has been in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area since 1995. She is an award-winning jewelry designer and artist.

She began beading in 1998 and has fallen under the spell of the beautiful beads. She keeps creating and experimenting with different stitches and styles and beads! She incorporates buttons, vintage jewelry, cabochons, sea shells and wire into her work. Some pieces are intricately woven with tiny seed beads, others use accent beads to accentuate a focal piece.

During a vacation in the summer of 2006 she took a lampworking class to learn how to make glass beads. She got hooked on that too. She is now making her own focal beads.

She is an award-winning designer. She entered a free-form bead woven piece called Dancing Ocean into the Iowa State Fair Art Exhibit in 2002 and won an Honorable Mention.

About her work, Cindi writes, "I started beading because the sparkling beads captivated me. I then started bead weaving with smaller beads to sculpt intricate, 3-dimensional shapes. I make wearable art so many people can enjoy it as it is worn."

About Dancing Ocean, she says, "This piece started as an experiment to see if I could create a 3-dimensional ocean wave. I used peyote stitch to weave the back and front of the wave, which was folded over large clear beads to create the 3-dimensional crashing ocean wave. The edges are embellished with crystals and fresh water pearls to simulate the foam of the crashing wave. Once the main wave was completed, I started weaving the sides of the necklace and adding sea shells and fringe to transition to the ocean depths along the sides."

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