In the Time of War

In the Time of War, digital painting (Intuos digitizing tablet, Photoshop, Painter), printed 42" x 40", 2006

Of himself, Walters writes, "I received my MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison and my BA from the University of Iowa. Though I am a Professor of Art at Western Illinois University, I have been a life-long Iowa resident. My artwork has been included in more than 100 competitive, invitational and solo exhibitions -winning best of show awards in seven different art media. My largest drawing?  A full-scale drawing of an M-1 tank, 32' in length."

"I still love to draw whether in a traditional medium such as graphite on paper, or in drawing with a stylus on an Intuos digitizing tablet in combination with Photoshop. I am currently working on an extensive Halloween series. Two graphite drawings are among the first completed works in this series. The other work, In the Time of War, touches on the disconnect between our daily lives and the fact that more than 30,000 American soldiers have been killed or wounded during the past few years in Iraq. This image is loosely based on a photo I took in the middle of a very hot day at the Mississippi Valley Fair. By changing the setting to night and separating the small groups in the foreground, I tried to convey a sense of the fear that has been fostered in this time. I also developed symbolic elements -such the red and blue striped tents or the hint of a crescent that makes up a portion of the Ferris wheel."

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