Hope, oil on canvas, 9" x 12", 2008

Candace Trew Camling was born and raised in Michigan and attended Kendall College of Art and Design (graduating with honors and as Valedictorian in May 2007). She recently moved to Des Moines, IA to pursue a career in freelance illustration and design. In her free time she enjoys gardening, visiting junk shops and flea markets, and being outside. Candace is truly enjoying the hospitality and great arts atmosphere in Iowa. To see a resume visit her website. You may also visit her blog.

Of her work, Camling writes, "When I create illustrations my primary concern is to be able to make an others inspired to return to their childhood when there were no boundaries or restrictions on dreams. I also try to inspire children to use imagination and daydream. In a world of video games, violence and complexity, I want to bring back simplicity, innocence and a feeling of safety."

Candace Trew Camling's website

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on July 25, 2008

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