CGQ2008, Graphite and Charcoal on Paper, 80" x 48", 2008

Dani Zamora has recently obtained his BA in Art from Grinnell College. After graduation, he will be making art in Los Angeles, CA, where he has resided for 7 years after moving from his native Mexico. He plans to pursue an MFA in Drawing after a year or two.

Of his work, Zamora writes, "I understand my art making process as an investigation of the relationship between my body and the drawing. My drawings are an active conversation with my body. They inform my movement, my position on the page, and the intensity of my gesture. While in conversation with the paper, I am allowed to explore drawing as a dynamic activity, always shifting, changing, never stagnant. Drawing becomes, for me, more than just the recording of a mark, it becomes the transcription of the conversation between the paper and I."

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