Tall "Non-Pot"

Tall "Non-Pot", ceramic, 22'', 2007

Richard Robertson has been working with clay since he was 12 years old and working with his wife, Liz Robertson, since 1969.  He can make a variety of items out of clay including tall floor lamps, baptismal fonts, kitchen sinks, bathroom counter and pedestal sinks, coffee tables, hanging lamps, wall plaques, fountains, a functional toilet, drums, oil lamps, and about any functional vessel imaginable.  In the past three years, Robertson has been experimenting with non functional clay items that he calls Non-Pots, Tea-Nots, and Anti-Platters.

Of his work, Richard says, "in making my "pots" I have two basic challenges, first to conceive of an interesting form and second, to study that form and allow a linear decoration to emerge. Although I enjoy these new non-functional forms, there is no greater joy than the making of vessels and their endless variations. I particularly enjoy "engineered" pots which can be often over 4 foot tall. These pots are made with sections that are callipered one to the next to produce an overall pleasing form. I love the challenge of control over both form and decoration."

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