Dee's Sniffer

Dee's Sniffer, stoneware, porcelain, bamboo, horsehair, 64" x 32" x 16", 2002

Ingrid Lilligren, named after a family friend who was an artist, was born in Springfield, Ohio. She earned a B.F.A. at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls in 1980. She received her M.F.A. in 1986 from Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, California where she studied with Paul Soldner. After teaching at colleges in California, she moved to Iowa in 1993 and is an associate professor in ceramics at Iowa State University.

Dee's Sniffer, writes Ingrid Lilligren, is "an homage to my friend, the artist Dee Marcellus Cole. She is exactly as tall as this piece and her nose comes to the opening in the front. A small pouch with herbs hangs inside. Scent is a strong prompt to memory and is a component I have used in a number of pieces. Her work is playful and incorporated mixed media; she often makes use of children's cowboy boots for the feet on her pieces. Her personality is strong and feminine; she buys many of her clothes at thrift stores and usually wears a skirt. During a recent taping for a TV show, she was asked to drape one of her figures as the generalized forms that represented breasts were deemed potentially inflammatory to viewers, so I had to include breasts in this piece."

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