Arrowhead, acrylic and found objects on canvas, 9'' x 12''

Pat Healy is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has taught art for twenty-three years in the public school system while experimenting with a variety of media, styles and techniques in her personal works of art. Her love of nature inspires her to create a serene ambiance as she incorporates color and texture in her works. Pat's eclectic approach allows her the freedom to exercise creativity while appealing to a variety of tastes and styles. She loves beginning with a theme and then creating the mood or message with different media. She uses pastels, watercolors, acrylics and decorative paper in her creations.

About her art work Pat says," I enjoy different media, it gives
me a sense of freedom to express myself. I have recently been inspired
to create acrylic paintings on canvas and I use a metallic color
theme.  I became captured by this series of Metallic paintings. I felt
the colors were rich and full of promise.  There is something mystical
about the paintings. I followed my passion and let the colors inspire
me.  I have a love for the Japanese Raku Non-funtional metallic
pottery . The Japanese started Raul firing of pottery in the 16
century. Raku pottery is still popular today, and is known for the
rich shimmering colors that radiate from each piece, in a unique way
of its own nature."

The piece called Arrowheads was actually inspired by living in Iowa
and searching for arrowheads as a small child in the Iowa fields in
the springtime.

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on June 05, 2008

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