Transparancies, Mixed Media, 30 x 24, Jan 2005

Shelagh Gamble was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Okoboji, Iowa at the age of 14. Shelagh began her pursuit of art under the direction of Hank Hall and ended up in the Art department of the University of Northern Iowa. Graduating with a BA in Art in 2003, Shelagh moved back to Okoboji where she began working in her home studio. Starting out as a ceramics artist through school, Shelagh recently has taken up painting and is now working with both mediums simultaneously.

Shelagh has this to say, "I am an artist interested in capturing the translucency of colors and the spontaneity of the everyday life... In each piece I use transparent colors with the light of the canvas, allowing the viewer to make their own assumptions about the layers and objects involved in the piece. My themes are derived from fashion, popular culture and the world around me, and are composed by materials collected, purchased or found... When a piece is finished it seems to shout "stop", however some pieces never seem to be done and are perpetually being reworked. In recent works of mine, I have been experimenting in color and materials. The creation of flowing translucent glaze colors mixed with the permanence of black rigid lines are recurring paradoxes in my recent pieces."

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on February 04, 2005

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