</i>detail from <i>Self-Portrait as Letterboard

detail from Self-Portrait as Letterboard, laminated and grommetted collage, 4" X 3.25", 2007

Darrell Taylor is an intermedia artist who holds BFA, MA, and MFA degrees, all from the University of Iowa.  Taylor's performances and collages have been presented nationally in Iowa, Chicago, and Nashville as well as in Bozeman, MT, Quincy, MO and Dayton, OH and internationally in Dortmund, Germany, and St. Petersburg, Russia.  He is currently the director of the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Gallery of Art, overseer of the UNI Permanent Art Collection, and served as the Gallery's acting director before his appointment in 2003.  As the Gallery Director, he is responsible for all exhibitions, programming, and publicity as well as the training of student staff.  He also serves as a permanent member of the UNI Art and Architecture Committee, which vets proposals and commissions work for the Iowa Art in State Buildings Program.

Of his work, Taylor writes, "Since 1994, I have created objects and time-based works (i.e., performances, videos, and installations) that reflect my interests in multi-layered narratives, printed imagery from the popular culture of the last half-century, and the human body and its processes. In many ways, I use the interpretation of images, language, and symbology in mass media as an excuse to work with the tools and materials of the drafting table.  I find the subversiveness of juxtaposing seemingly disparate images and ideas too alluring to ignore in my creative life, and I would find a way to do this whether or not I had a drafting table.  In fact, many of my early performance works were exercises in constructing relations between unlike things, not for the purpose of jolting or provoking the observer but to illustrate the inherent associations they have despite the contemporary politics and the rhetoric that might insist otherwise.  My collage work is a natural extension of this pursuit."

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