Kabuki Blue

Iowa Women Artists Oral History Project

The Iowa Women Artists Oral History Project records and preserves the voices of women visual artists in Iowa reflecting on their lives and their artwork. In 1998, creator and director Jane Robinette began interviewing Iowa women artists about their experiences and art practices. The interviews cover family and personal history, education, development as an artist, artwork, creative process, influences, and more. The Daily Palette is pleased to present excerpts of the Iowa Women Artists Oral History Project's 2008 updates that Robinette collected from the Project artists who were interviewed nine or ten years ago. Visit the Iowa Women Artists Oral History Project's website.

Kabuki Blue, copper, prismacolor, flat enamel, 24k gold foil, UV krylon, 6.25" x 23.75 "x 23.75", 1998

Balpreet Kaur was born Barbara Wise in 1946 in Iowa City, Iowa. She grew up there with four younger siblings. She graduated with a B.A. in Theater from Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa, in 1969. She was a student of ceramics in 1969-70 at Kunsthaandvoerkerskolen, an art school in Denmark. She received graduate degrees from the University of Iowa, Iowa City: an M.A. in ceramics (minor metalsmithing and jewelry) in 1972, and an M.F.A. in metalsmithing and jewelry in 1975. She worked for several years at Hands Jewelry. Balpreet's married name was Barbara Nilausen; she added the "K" for Kaur when she converted to Sikhism, but did not formally change her name to Balpreet Kaur until 2001, after her father died. She is divorced and has one son. At the time of the interview, she made jewelry and metal sculpture.

2008 Update: "I have looked at my work online and have all my equipment in the basement of our home, but have not been motivated to do any work as yet.  I was given a gift, I do recognize that.  However, the caring and death process took such a toll that I do not know when I will return to art.  I have taken tai chi, chi gong, and am working toward a Reiki Mastership in the Reiki Jin Ki Do/ Reiki Shindo lineage.  My hope is to work with death and dying.  Of late I have begun to sit at the bench again and am contemplating designing a ring for myself.  The sculptural small table forms are beginning to pop back into my head."

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