untitled vessels

untitled vessels, 2004

Originally from Japan, Shumpei Yamaki is working toward his MFA in Ceramics at the University of Iowa.

My former experience in the Hip-Hop culture, Break dance, and Capoeira, the afro-Brazilian Martial arts, still exists in my body and soul blending with pottery wheel throwing techniques.  When water flows on the surface of a pottery wheel, my hands dance to rhythm and my mind stretches into meditation.  As I throw on the wheel, my imagination and feelings about clay and water takes me to a state of "second nature".  The whole idea of learning street dance has taught me about how to share my voice with others visually and emotionally.  I want to express the energy of my wheel-thrown pottery flowing internally and externally through my art.  My total desire is that my visual form of pottery, three dimensional touch of surface, and nature of my work unite at the point where we all can communicate in same language.

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