Topologies of the Inside (view of the outside and the projection)

Topologies of the Inside (view of the outside and the projection), intaglio print on leather, wire, video, sound (installation), diameter of circle 12' 9", 2004

Nadija Mustapic  is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa Printmaking Department. After finishing her BFA at the University of Rijeka, in her native Croatia, she lived in Venice, Italy. She has exhibited in group shows in Croatia, Venice, and in international printmaking exhibitions.

"Since my arrival to the US, I feel the need to use my memories and my national and cultural history to mentally, emotionally and physically engage myself in the creation of works of art through which I understand and abstract personal narratives of political realities and emotional structures. The line that separates my own memory from the collective one becomes more and more inconsistent. Consequently, remembering becomes an action, which requires empathy. Similarly, the content of my work, the process and the expectations of the product's communication with the viewer are steeped in ethical considerations that find their release through aesthetic applications. Topologies of the Inside is a piece about plugging the viewer into the visceral and raw 'real,' which mirrors the world out of joint, brutally coherent as such."
— Nadija Mustapic

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on November 08, 2004

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