Bacana Room Divider

Bacana Room Divider, Computer-Aided Design and Injection Molded ABS plastic, 64" x 64" x 20", 2007

Vinicius Lima was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1982. He received a Bachelor in Architecture and Urban Design Degree in 2005 from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a Master of Arts degree from The University of Iowa School of Art and Art History. He is currently a Graduate Student at University of Iowa School of Art and Art History where he is a MFA candidate in the 3D Design Graduate Program. His main research interests are the use of Computer-Aided Technology and its applications in the design creative process and the exploration of basic fundamental composition principles as conceptual approaches to problem solving and artistic creation.

Of his work, Lima writes, "Ever since I was a small child, I have always enjoyed playing with shapes that allow me build things. I stack them, glue them together, cut parts of them off, draw over and at last I find a new shape that pleases me. This process allows me to use the most basic elements of shape generation and develop it into much more complex structures, opening my possibilities and venues of research to a much bigger extent.

To achieve the best results, the computer-aided design (CAD) technology proved to be an essential element because it definitely gave me the possibility to develop a bigger amount of different ideas within smaller time increments and the possibility of making my designs more precisely and closer to a real life setting. In conjunction with computer modeling, I have recently started using Virtual Reality technology, enabling me a completely new manner of three-dimensional appreciation and new possibilities of artistic manifestation."

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