Mobile/Planted (Part 3),

Mobile/Planted (Part 3),, monotype on paper, 22" x 30", 2003

Anne Slattery received her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and East Asian Studies from Oberlin College in Ohio. Anne is currently an MFA candidate in Printmaking and is working towards a certificate from the University of Iowa Center for the Book.

Anne has this to say about her art: "My work deals with issues of dislocation, individuals or objects misplaced within a landscape and how their presence changes the meaning of that location. In this series of work dealing with the wind-turbines of northern Iowa, the monolithic structures are foreign to their agricultural setting, yet appear to be growing out of the fields. Their height adds an unexpected verticality to a typically horizontal vista. I use my prints as a setting in which to tell stories, sometimes imposing a text directly on the print, other times employing the print as a backdrop for a book, thus providing the viewer with both an apparent visual and a more private textual experience."

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