Making Ends Meet

Making Ends Meet, mixed media, 32" x 28", 2007

Brent Houzenga lives in Des Moines, Iowa. He grew up in Fulton, IL and studied art and design at Western Illinois University. Houzenga has called Des Moines home for nearly two years and has used his talent and energy to define himself as a key player in the Iowa art scene.

Of his work, Houzenga writes, "All of my work contains a found object as one of the integral parts of the piece.  I use mostly old windows and found wooden objects.  Although the key media is spray paint, I also use paint markers, india ink, and anything else that seems to make sense during the creative process.
I have been working on this body of work for over two years.  It all started when I found two old photo albums along side the road waiting to be picked up by the trash man.  I couldn't believe that someone would throw out something so precious and unique.  Over the past two years I have used my creativity to try to breathe new life into these lost souls."

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