Courage I </i>&<i> II

Courage I & II, monoprint

Amy Dobrian received an MFA at the University of Iowa in 1992.

Of her work, Dobrian writes, "For the last several years my images have been concerned with the exploration of memory, as it evolves through time and as it manifests itself in the present moment. I am interested in time as both a linear and a non-linear experience, and in how our perception of time evolves from the relationships constructed by the mind of memory, present, and expectation. I am interested in the relationships between thought and event, and physical and emotional "reality" as they affect our perception of time inside and outside of our own sensory experience. A memory is transformed and reconfigured by linear time and its interaction with the "outside" events of one's life; and, paradoxically remains fixed within the psyche as the symbol of self within a single moment transcendent of time.

Using abstracted landscape and tree forms as a point of departure, I build my images in layers of form and color which could be called layers of time, symbolic of past, present, future, change and permanence. These layers are representative of personal experiences, both of actual physical places and of emotional places. Within these images, realistic description is juxtaposed with these textural veils, and with highly simplified forms representative of the momentary, pared-down essence of the experience."

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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on February 25, 2008

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