Family Tree

Family Tree, sintra collograph with sewing, 36" x 40", 2007

Christina McClelland is a fourth year BFA student in Printmaking at the University of Iowa. Her animated film, Pie Cycle, was recently featured in the Chicago Short Film Brigade's Best of 2007 Show at the Gene Siskel Center in Chicago, IL.

Of her work, McClelland writes, "My work uses narrative to explore the conceptual significance of ordinary occurrences, daily life, and life cycles through the creation of a mythology of symbols. Folk art, interior design, kitchen utensils, textiles, and routines inspire me. I often draw on the psychology of dreams, classical fairytales, mythology, and folktales to establish my own archetypes and characters. By questioning the appearance of a certain symbol or character in my work, I analyze my work and life simultaneously."

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