Red on Pink

Red on Pink, oil on panel, 9" x 9"

Of her work, Patterson writes, "My work is primarily nonrepresentational.  I choose this area because this is what I love to see.  It is my passion in art.  I am most excited by seeing abstract or nonobjective art.  I love the abstract expressionists, Jackson Pollack and Rothko, the earlier abstractionists Kandinsky, and Paul Klee.  When I am in the presence of a masterpiece by one of these artists, I experience the art in a way that I can best describe as being akin to a spiritual experience.  Such art is wonderfully apart from language, both in the viewing and the making.  The process of making it defeats language, leading you into an area of the brain that has nothing to do with sentence structure and everything to do with direct experience.  I'm not as interested in depicting something- I don't need or want the excuse of "a landscape," as a rationale for producing an artwork, although at times my work has been informed by something I saw, whether a play of light on clouds, or perhaps a relationship of shapes.  Although I'm not entirely consistent in this, I often try to bring the experience of femininity into my paintings.  I was raised in a family of women.  We lived a life very separate from society, and I was somewhat surprised to discover, when I left home, how very different it was to interact with men.  So I have often mused over that difference & tried to find a way to bring that into my art."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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on January 18, 2008

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