platters, porcelain with soda vapor glaze, approximately 17" in diameter, 2004

Doug Hanson is Chair of the Art Department at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, where he maintains a home studio and gallery. He also teaches classes in Mexico, exhibits his work internationally, and has worked with Potters for Peace, an international network of potters concerned with peace and justice issues.

For almost four decades I have devoted my art making energies towards works primarily in clay. I began that career as a sculptor who made a few pots. However, visiting internationally known potters, plus museums filled with pots while on a one-year Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in England reversed my production completely. Since that year I have made only pottery. Coming from the functional life of a Midwestern farm family may have had a hand in that decision.

Western and Eastern influences come together in the earthiness of the soda fumed skin on bare clay exteriors, but with a smooth functional glaze covering the interior surfaces. All these elements combine to form a cohesive whole, but equally important in my work is the consideration of the function of each piece as it is to be used in our eating and drinking.

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