Mini Series #76

Mini Series #76, mixed media, 11" x 14"

Of her work, Corrine Smith writes, "My subject matter is a combination of organic and geometric form.  The blending of the two reveals ambiguous spatial relationships with a composition.  The thoughts and decisions I am making are the pulling together of my own artistic expressions.  I rely on my personal experiences of the world to create.  My largest source of applicable information is from the preceding painting.
    One of my considerations is to create a powerful composition. I am interested in the place between form and space and I often reverse the positive with the negative.  Rendering the dimension of organic and geometric form is the underlying structure of my work.  Consistently dealing the this notion, my forms are stylized and function as flat shapes instead of realistic representations.  The more familiar I become with these forms, the more possibilities I discover.  I am interested in the concept of opposites.
    The use of opposites can create a dynamic quality revealing high contrast and tension. I am always striving for an aesthetic surprise. My inner feelings are a key element of my color and medium choice.
    My work is growing in closer touch with my being.  The evolution of my art is a slow, natural, additive process.  My art is a reflection of my life.  The attitudes, symbols and complexity of my life have become visible in my art.  I do not precieve any of my work as a end in itself.  From each piece springs new ideas.  My goal, to date, is to keep an open mind, expand my perception and continue to create."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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