All-Star, juniper branch carving

Nancy Romalov's whimsical hand carved music stands were made while summering on an island in the middle of a large Montana lake.  Lacking electricity, Romalov uses only hand tools such as spoke shaves and hand planes on a shaving horse, for her summer projects. Back with the Woodworkers for the rest of the year, she uses conventional tools, always choosing native, local and recycled woods whenever possible. Romalov is currently also an adjunct professor in Women's Studies. "Having spent the greater part of my adult life exercising the left side of my brain–I received a PhD in American Studies at the University of Iowa and have taught at various colleges for the past 20 years–I decided several years ago it was time to strike a balance. I began to pursue a long-time interest in woodworking and have since been laboring toward a total career shift. With any luck, I'll have achieved that shift before I reach retirement age. 'All-Star' harkens back to my tomboy childhood (still am!) when I had to throw a tantrum to get a pair of high tops when the salesman balked at such girlish invasion into male territory."

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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on December 12, 2007

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