It Was A Good Decision

It Was A Good Decision, mixed media, 11" x 12"

Of his work, Bogaard writes, "An unusual set of circumstances brought me to Iowa in 2003; and a spirit of adventure, to say the very least, has kept me here.  My roots here are getting stronger every day. I was born in Nevada, Missouri on July 30, 1936 during a summer that set heat records that still stand.  A lucky break let me grow up in the Midwest in Kansas City, Missouri. I lived in Japan and Germany for nearly fourteen years.  Painting and photography helped me understand the cultures I observed as I spun around in my world.  In Japan, I studied ink painting; in Germany I painted castles, cathedrals, and myths; in Monterey I painted the ocean; and in Houston I painted the nightlife. After settling in Lawrence I painted my past, present, and future.  I wiggled my way into the very active arts community.  The creative culture in Lawrence was exciting and productive. My work went well there.
Now I'm in Iowa on a farm looking out of windows of my studio and once again I'm painting what I see and experience.  Life is certainly full of surprises.
My philosophy is that we are all in this car together and whatever we do affects everyone, so I try to do my very best with whatever I'm doing.  I have traveled down many different roads, met a lot of interesting people, and had some powerful experiences along the way.  My paintings reflect what I've observed and how my journey is going. I work with bright colors, light, curiosity, and hope.  It is an intense feeling to know I have connected with someone through one of my creations.  My paintings hold lots of secrets."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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