Penumbra, oil on canvas, 46" x 60"

Brad Krieger has worked as an abstract painter and art professor for 25 years, the last six years at Doane College in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Krieger has numerous gallery and museum exhibitions to his credit.  In 2005, the oils and drawings shown in Memphis, Tennessee were reviewed as "accomplished works that combine an improvisational quality with a sly sophistication."  While his drawings are "completely engaging", the masterful series of pour paintings (here represented by Deep Dark Time and Last Pours #1) clearly articulate an "intellectual depth, along with their striking appearance."  Krieger earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1981 at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and was awarded the Nebraska Young Artist of the Year in 1988, and the Nebraska Arts Council Individual Fellowship Award in 1993.  Krieger's work is included in a variety of public and private collections.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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