Miranda's Web

Miranda's Web, fiber, 38.5" x 28.5"

Anne Lullie is an award winning quilt artist from Lake in the Hills, Illinois.  Her work has been internationally in juried shows.  Anne was born and raised in Iowa, and she has also lived in Colorado and New Hampshire.  From age twelve, she had an interest in sewing clothing and items for the home and family.  Following high school, Anne studied art history, ceramics, painting, drawing and printmaking at several schools, including Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She graduated with honors from the fictitious Chicago School of Fusing where she continues to learn from the brilliant "Professors of Fusion."

Of her work, Lullie writes "Twenty-five years ago while in college studying traditional art methods, I never would have believed that today I would be making art quilts –and loving it!  Childhood memories include hand sewing, drawing and painting.  I learned to quilt as an adult, and I produced quilts for home and family.  Today, I am able to create original art quilts using my love of vibrant color, line and texture.  My sewing machine and threads have become tools for "drawing" original designs on fabric and adding dimension as well.  My quilting is one thing that I can count on in an uncertain world. Quilting is where I find solace during difficult times, and it has served as a joyful outlet in times of celebration and hope.  When I immerse myself in the act of creating, I bring out something from deep inside my subconscious mind, and I show it to the world in three-dimensional form.  It is a joy to watch the colors and shapes take form and become something new in the world.

I find that I need this creative outlet.  Whenever I have not done any art or quilting, I feel that something is missing from my life –my life feels incomplete.  I feel off-center somehow, and less confident.  However, whenever I reconnect with the creative process, I soon lose all sense of time.  Aches and pains are less noticeable when worries are put on hold."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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