Configuration 191/200 from the Sim City 200 Suite

Configuration 191/200 from the Sim City 200 Suite, Road Maps + Tourist Guides from MN, IA, and Seoul, South Korea, 48mm x 75mm, 2004

Joseph Miller was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He attended Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin and earned a BS in Graphic Design. He is pursuing an M.F.A. degree in Graphic Design (minoring in Photography) at the University of Iowa.

Joseph Miller writes: The Intuitive Collage process is an exercise in seeing. This practice is concerned with finding, not creating, form. Magazine pages are cut into various geometric shapes with an Exacto knife. These pieces are then scattered on the floor to rest at random. Cropping tools are used to hunt these configurations and transparent tape is applied to splice ends. Type, texture, line, color, and image are embraced and taken simply for the sake of being perceived as beautiful together. As for meaning or associations, I leave the viewer to his/her own temperaments.

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on October 29, 2004

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