Remains of the Day

Remains of the Day, 2007

Nancy Hauserman is a faculty member in the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. She has been teaching law and ethics courses for 30 years. Of her photography work she says, "I have been taking photographs for about that long but just for my own viewing pleasure. Within the past year, I found myself more drawn to my photography and thinking about ways to use my photography in work and my life generally.  I am now exploring ways to integrate photography into both my research and my teaching. It is really exciting!"

Of "Being a Part of It: Photos from the Northside Neighborhood," Hauserman writes, "This series of  photographs is from a Gallery Walk show at RSVP. The photographs were shot at the annual Northside Neighborhood Picnic in June 2007. More than 100 people came, brought great food and ate it while getting to know new neighbors and hanging out with the neighborhood mainstays. I am a long time resident of the north side of Iowa City and RSVP has recently moved their store to the Northside. These photos seemed a good way to celebrate all of it - the picnic really was the essence of community."

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