Dad, Parts I and II
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Dad, Parts I and II, oil, oil pencil, original poem, 23" x 23" each, 2005

Des Moines native Jane Robinette is a painter, poet, and web designer. Before returning to her first loves, Jane worked as a social worker and lawyer, among other things. She developed and coordinated two artist-interview projects, the Iowa Women Artists Oral History Project and Beyond 9-11.  She now focuses on creating her own artwork and designing and maintaining several websites. Jane shows her paintings in juried exhibits and galleries in Iowa, and her website features images of paintings and audio clips of poetry.

Of her work Robinette writes, "My love for color, rhythm, and writing led me to create 'poem-paintings.'  I work with the languages of both the written word and the visual.  Each can stand on its own—and sometimes I let them do so—but I enjoy seeing what happens when I provide the space for their interplay, whether in a small-scale, abstract, acrylic painting or in a larger, more representational, oil painting.

I intend for the images and words expressed in my work not to constrict the responses of viewers, but rather to connect with and free them to consider their own life, dreams, memories and experiences—their own language."

Jane Robinette's website

Iowa Women's Oral History Project

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