Untitled, from series "Sight: Unseen," lithographic and etching ink monotype on Arches 88, 42" x 31", 2003

R.H. Butler's independent studies of photography in the 70's and 80's led to freelance portrait and advertising work and would later spur his interest and early artistic development as a self-taught painter in Austin, Texas. Influenced by Austin artists Janine Gwaltney, Chuck Bryan, Fidencio Duran and Ricardo Hernandez, before entering formal study in the studio of Carolyn H. Manosevitz, Butler would leave Texas to pursue a career in design, digital imaging, and commercial printmaking in Iowa before beginning formal academic study of art and art history.

Among Butler's recent work, he has organized The Iowa Biennial Exhibition while serving as curator for The Iowa Biennial Exhibition Archive. Recent work has also included the curating of exhibitions such as "The 2006 Iowa Biennial Exhibition," "Art of Latvia: Waiting, War, Inflammation & Pomegranates" & the "Contemporary Art of Latvia." Additionally, Butler has continued a decade long obsession to develop and maintain a digital archive of the select serial works of nineteenth century Japanese printmaker/designer Toyohara Kunichika that stems from academic research on the on the artist, and is highlighted by images from the "Baiko hyaku no uchi" series and the "Danjuro engei hyaku ban" series.

Butler's current creative body of work includes a dynamic intermedia approach that applies a mixture of digital video, photography, printmaking & design that is related to life and travel. He continues to exhibit locally, regionally and internationally in solo, invitational, and juried print, mixed-media, and multimedia exhibitions, while his work can be found in the public collections of art organizations and academic institutions both in the U.S. and abroad.

Of his work, Butler writes, "The current stage in my thinking and creative approach is a culmination of varied experiences. With respect to recent work, I would say that my imagery is informed by being receptive to physical, emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic events that occur during the process of print and art making. In collaboration between elements of the creative process and myself, it is this dynamic sense that serves as a catalyst to inform "the next work." Essentially, this dialogue induces a serial approach that provides a narrative for artistic processes, from the conceptual first work to the non-existential last. My purpose in my work is not simply to communicate content and imagery with an audience, but to closely view my own actions, therefore placing my environment and myself under close observation, then reexamining those observations through the vehicle of the print and art. Additionally, I actively seek to extend my collaborative endeavors while further exploring issues on seriality and process. I am also interested in continuing an inquiry into the transition and momentum of digitally informed art."

text and image from Galerija Maijas

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