Tree of Fire

Tree of Fire, borosilicate

A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Justin has long been an advocate and student of science, nature and travel. Justin first became inspired to create glass art during a visit to Venice, Italy. Driven to produce his own unique art, Justin developed his glass blowing skills through experimentation and study at The Studio at Corning Glass in Corning, New York and San Francisco State University , San Francisco, California . Justin continues his quest in creating glass art by searching out patterns and colors of nature as a basis for his art ideas.

Each piece is formed by custom mixing, blending and layering of colored borosilicate, otherwise known as hard glass, to create unique colors which are fused to the surface of heated raw glass utilizing the age old method of lampworking. The piece is then expanded through the use of a blowpipe while working over a bench torch at temperatures of over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. These 'free forms' are then manipulated into shapes by cutting, twisting, spinning and pulling the heated glass using the natural force of gravity and various hand tools. The custom piece is then cooled slowly in a kiln, which removes the residual stresses remaining in the glass after it has been worked. The results are individual pieces recognized for their uniqueness in expression and clarity of color.

text and image from the Moberg Gallery

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