lithography and etching

Currently working towards his MFA, Tim Van Ginkel, an Iowa native, works primarily in intaglio and lithography. Van Ginkel's work plays on an organic abstraction of systems and structures that seek to find repetition and pattern in seemingly random events.

Of his work Van Ginkel writes, "My current work evolves from my search to find pockets of clarity in seemingly random events, seeking the calm, the pattern, and the logic in logical objects. I enjoy the rhythm and repetition that takes place in both the natural and manmade world and searching for the repeated forms that emerge. At times it manifests itself through the layering of objects, burying them so that the viewer must actively search for something recognizable, for some kind of repeated form. Other times it occurs as serialization, where the same matrix is repeated on several pieces. Here, subtle differences shift the investigation from finding the repeated form to searching for the small variations."

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on September 24, 2007

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