Garnet Sky & River I

Garnet Sky & River I, oil

Julia Kottal is a graduate of Coe College and a resident of Cedar Rapids.

Kottal's paintings are boldly expressive and rich in color exploration.  Although not recognizable to the viewer, landscape provides the visual impetus for her paintings. Kottal also relies on diverse musical play lists from friends to add another layer of inspiration while painting.

The artist comments, "I am currently fascinated by the 'still' or 'still life', quality of our environment. I grew up in very rural Michigan. The experience of living in the San Francisco Bay area, Maryland, Florida and now back in the Midwest, has given me a wondrous appreciation of the earth's diversity and vastness. I relish the rich colors of the fields, the patterns of the earth and mysterious horizon, but I am also drawn to the flat surface of the landscape and its laid out squares and grid that you see from above looking straight down."  Influences include the works of Richard Diebenkorn "for his philosophy of space and light," Marvin Cone "for his ability to capture the volume of the sky," Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko and Wayne Thiebaud.

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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