Valpariso Yellow Cable Car Building

Valpariso Yellow Cable Car Building, oil on canvas, 20" x 16"

A French native, Jose Assouline grew up in Cezanne's neighborhood of Provence.  This neighborhood is known for the inspiration it also provided to van Gogh, Renior, and Matisse.  The colors, light, and sea scents lighlty suspend in the air of this Mediterranean setting that leaves a permanent imprint on any artistic mind.  Assouline's training in France and later in the US provided him techniques in a variety of media; he visually captures the external world through an amalgam of his past and a virtual cultural concept.  Taking everyday life and landscape and turning it into a colorful blend of textures and vibrant tints is his imaginary mission.  He is inspired by the subtle contrasts between what is routine, common, and expected and the unexpected and unusual.  The same scene might take on a different look depending on the time of the day, the circumstances, and even his mood.  As an artist, one is merely recording the outside view but this interpretation goes trough a filtration process before it is applied onto a canvas.  This "secondary' interpretation is unique and is the quaint, yet essential expression of his artistic creation.  Of course perceptions are transformed and are altered with life experiences.  Jose Assouline moved to Iowa in the late 70s and his art took on new dimensions.  The colors, the landscape, the change of seasons are different from his roots.  These variations have sharpened his acute descriptive sense of his immediate environment.

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