Visiting the Ruins

Visiting the Ruins, oil on canvas

Of his work, Richard Kelley writes, "In my painting and drawing, I want a sense of passion, life connectedness and, above all, 'Magic.' By passion I mean simply energy and intensity or vigor. The movement of the colors and forms should be energetic and continuous, like life itself. In regard to life connectedness, I find myself moving toward an art that is less abstract in terms of total emphasis, with reference always to concrete subject matter. Lastly, 'Magic' is the hardest element to define because various artists have captured it in so many different ways, but for me, 'Magic' is essentially 'unpredictability' – I want my colors and objects and compositions to be unpredictable, but once the viewer has taken them in, to make perfect sense. Beyond this, I feel that critical room should be left for viewers to make their own interpretations."

text and image from the Moberg Gallery

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on August 08, 2007

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