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Iowa Scores

The Daily Palette is pleased to present "Iowa Scores," a new feature spotlighting Iowa's musical artists. From classical string-quartets to electronic noise bands, Iowa's musical community is creatively rich and diverse.


Skursula's music is about a violinist and cellist who combine their love of stir frys, classical music, journal scribbles, and whiskey on the rocks into song. Skye and Ursula are currently living in Iowa City.  These two musical scientists, who met and began playing music together during their first year of college,  hid away until their "little Frankenstein" was born and ready for performance in August 2006. Skursula's idiosyncratic songs generally take the form of character studies, and are thus much like short stories in a song. Influenced greatly by classical, folk and hip-hop, their music ranges from playful to introspective in character. Skursula strives to create a unique musical style for each individual song, rather than trying to develop a general style for their music as a whole.

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