Les...Way Les

Les...Way Les, mixed media, 27" x 55"

Of his work, Hansen writes, "I grew up on a small farm on a gravel road. When you live five miles from town, you never hang out and get in trouble. Unlike most boys, I was forced to entertain myself and be creative. It helped my art in many ways. The farm sales and odd junk we accumulated opened my mind to techniques and subject matter and what I considered "art." "Lou's Got the Flu" and "Cellar Door" for instance have found farm objects in the composition. I draw from the wild stories of my family's lives for inspiration and subject matter that no one else would understand or even believe. I have started my own art movement: "Emotionalism". I paint what and how I feel. How can I think about what is hot or fresh when I don't care? That makes me original, and since my paintings are like a shaved-ham slice of my brain and soul, it takes it to a new level: never seen. It may be part Picasso, Basquiat, or Rauschenberg, with flair of Rasputin or Hong Kong Phooey. I started my work before I saw the works of Basquiat or Rauschenberg. And when I saw theirs didn't feel like a copycat, but I felt relieved that I wasn't insane, somehow justified. I use the canvas like a diary filled with stories, friends, and even lists of stuff "to do". I preserve memories, big and little."

text and image from the Moberg Gallery

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on August 20, 2007

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