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It borders on disrespect to choose the same topic
So beautifully and immortally ennobled by the heroic Kilmer,
But myriad species and colors to be admired and described
Excuse a further attempt to honor those leafy or needled friends to all creatures.

And what friends they are: protectors against sun, rain and wind;
Providers of wood for warmth of hearth and home, and for paper, boats and bridges.
As gifts to the eye, though, do trees outdo themselves:
The variations of textures and shapes, the cycle from bare branches to buds.

Then, summer's green and finally autumn's gold;
In the case of Nature's pet, the evergreens adorn the winter as well!
As vision is refreshed, the mind is challenged: Consider Easter's story
A grim tree became a symbol of Faith, spanning two millennia.

For all their strength and size, trees need our protection,
To be felled with prudence and re-planted with promptness.
Only after serious, thoughtful contemplation
Should the woodman not spare them.

About Iowa Writes

Since 2006, Iowa Writes has featured the work of Iowa-identified writers (whether they have Iowa roots or live here now) and work published by Iowa journals and publishers on The Daily Palette. Iowa Writes features poetry, fiction, or nonfiction twice a week on the Palette.

In November of 2008, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated Iowa City, Iowa, the world's third City of Literature, making the community part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Iowa City has joined Edinburgh, Scotland and Melbourne, Australia as UNESCO Cities of Literature.

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After high school in Keokuk and Army service, Bill Wolf enrolled at the University of Iowa, seeking a degree in journalism; he was WSUI's sports director. Following his 1950 graduation and more military duty, he spent 43 years in the housewares industry. "Now, I write condo newsletters, letters to editors, and op-ed pieces," he says.

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