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Iowa at 30 Frames per Second

Highlighting the efforts of Iowa's video artists, "Iowa at 30 Frames per Second" features work streamed direct to your computer. The link below the thumbnail will launch a streaming video.

The Ecstasy of Truckin' with Tom, video, 5:22, 2007

Rob Ostheimer graduated from The University of Iowa with both a BA in English and an MA in American Studies.  He resides now in Washington, DC, where he works as a Web designer and creates video documentaries in his spare time.

Rob writes, "'The Ecstasy of Truckin' with Tom' is a sound/video collage that includes only found footage from Trucker Tom's video and audio podcasts.  Tom Wiles (aka Trucker Tom) is a tattoo-covered, sixty-two year old 'over-the-road' trucker by trade, who also happens to be a tech-savvy podcaster.  He has been podcasting from both his home and truck prolifically (5-7 times per week) for several years and in his podcasts he makes interesting and provocative comments about communication. In this piece, I have boiled down over fifty hours of footage into a short 5-minute video that explores the idea of communication and identity as they are constructed in this new medium."

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