Water Lily VI

Water Lily VI, pastel on paper, 22" x 30"

Nancy Purington is an artist who pursues work about our perception of the places we live. Born in Davenport and growing up in the rural river township of Princeton, her life's work began by observing and experiencing the character of the river and the abundant beauty that surrounds the shorelines.

Purington captures the rhythmic quality of nature in her compositions through creating relationships between abstract shapes and forms. In her paintings, the artist flattens perceptual space through turning the complex forms of waves into simple abstract patterns. Purington's recent mixed-media collage works incorporate found elements from the river such as pearls, shells, and driftwood, which feel Zen-like in their self-referential manner. Her compositions offer the viewer moments of contemplative serenity and deep silence.

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on June 08, 2007

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