Katrina, cyanotype

Of himself, David Heffner writes, "After studio art as an undergraduate major at The University of Iowa,  I went into art history culminating in a Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania.  I didn't care for teaching, and after pursuing various endeavors (including cook/restaurant owner, house painter/construction worker, garbage man), I returned to photography."

Of his work, Heffner writes, "I work mostly with vintage equipment and antiquated processes.  I work in series.  I try to create new work from the past (art historically) and my past. From remembrance, objects, and place I make scenarios, crime scenes and events.  My current work divides into three groups. One is the elaborate hoaxes I create in my studio using a 4x5 view camera.  The satellite images, NASA re-creations and current events photographs are made in camera using rear-screen projection, fishing line, toy models, etc….  The flaws in the illusion ultimately reveal the hoax. This is part of their charm. "

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