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For the past seventy-five years the School of Art and Art History has collected thousands of artworks by artists attending the School's graduate studio programs. Each graduate student was required to leave behind a work they completed during their graduate studies here at the University of Iowa. The collection contains over 6,000 paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and other art objects. The collection is unique in the country and provides a critical glimpse of academic American art over much of the last century.

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Hair-do, linocut and monoprint, 16" x 25", 2001

Born in 1970, Wanda Ewing was raised in the city of Omaha, NE. After completing 2 years at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, she relocated to San Francisco, CA. There, she received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. Afterwards, Wanda attended the University of Iowa where she received her Master of Art and Master of Fine Art degrees in printmaking. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Of her work, Ewing writtes, "I have been exploring popular culture by way of personal narratives. I am extremely interested in the issue of beauty and self-image. While employing the use of humor, my subjects focus on my personal history. I depict my struggle for self-acceptance, the issues I've faced growing up in a Mid-western environment that is less diverse, and what it's like growing older and being single. Formally, I have been playing a lot with scale. As a young person, I used to fear being called big, because big equated fat. I found in my work that I am exploring that fear by reclaiming the word through my images. I illustrate pieces of my jewelry, but make them much larger than they actually are. My wardrobe images reveal every roll, curve and bulge. I ask myself, 'What is my contribution as a contemporary black artist to the conversation of "what black is and what it ain't?"' This question has manifested in different bodies of work including a book project, 'Growing Up Black, Growing Up Wanda,' 103 self-portraits sporting different hair-dos, and 'Black As Pitch, Hot As Hell,' a series of large, black pin-up girls."

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