Parlor, installation, 2004

Aaron Wilson has taught printmaking and foundations in the Department of Art at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls since 1997. Prior to residing in Iowa, he completed his BFA at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio and earned an MFA at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Aaron has been the recipient of institutional and State grants, shown his work widely in national juried exhibitions, and has had solo exhibitions regionally, nationally, and in Canada.

Parlor is a mixed-media installation that seeks to visually depict post September 11th, 2001 America. It combines fine art printmaking processes with digital imaging technology, sculpture, drawing, and painting. I am interested in the amalgamation of evident reactions like fear, terror, and war with other aspects of our cultural palette. Consumer, religious, and political entities have all responded to the horror of terrorism creating a web of relative effects. Auto loans with zero-percent financing, action figures of our President, Internet images of crying eagles, a reevaluation of our civil liberties, and an ongoing war on terror are all the result of a single event.

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