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Red Window, Archival photo inkjet paper, light, wood, and paint, 24" x 36" x 12", 2016

Rachel Poe is from Columbus, Ohio. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University and is currently an MFA student in Painting and Drawing at the University of Iowa. This work is part of her MFA thesis exhibition, "Architectural Insomnia," which was installed at the Levitt Gallery in Art Building West, March 19-25. Her works are akin to German Expressionism, theater design, and psychological thrillers.

In her own words:

Abstract and surrealist images are created through photography, sculpture and painting. These images are constructed through the study of interior spaces and liminal mental spaces. This work reflects the potential for everyday objects to feel mystical.  Many of the images are made from miniatures and use classic cinema lighting techniques. The windows and walls of suburban homes are used as a staging space. In one hand, the artist balances the light source, waving the light over the still lifes like a wand. Searching for the moment the light and the space activate one another, the artist sways a camera back and forth; hovering over the forms. Ducking and weaving her body through the paper windows there is a balancing act. At any moment, they could and often do collapse.  They become record of a performance between the creator and the space.

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on March 31, 2017

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