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Iowa at 30 Frames per Second

Highlighting the efforts of Iowa's video artists, "Iowa at 30 Frames per Second" features work streamed direct to your computer. The link below the thumbnail will launch a streaming video.

Trees, video, 9 minutes 26 seconds, 2005

This piece was first presented as a sculpture and ambient video project. A large chicken wire case was created in the shape of a tornado and covered in gauze. A large fan was secured to the bottom and the inside of filled with leaves. When the fan turned on the leaves would erupt in motion and cause a wonderful noise. The video was projected from a wall mount and played along the sculpture and on the back wall. The video takes you up through the trees never stopping and never touching the ground.

Audrey says this about her work: "Art is using and reusing any and all inspiring resources available. Choosing one medium over another helps to define our style and models and in turn communicates our own specific language to our audience. I choose to use video because nothing is more challenging than a constantly moving tool whose ability to be changed, edited, and interpreted are infinite. I tend to choose real situations in an attempt to evoke real feelings or at least a reaction. A need to have purposeful work leads to my success just as much as it adds to my mistakes."

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