Raft of the Medusa

Raft of the Medusa, performance, 2001

Jeffery Byrd is a video and performance artist.  He regularly presents work in galleries and festivals in major cities throughout the US.  He has performed at Lincoln Center and the Alternative Museum in New York City, N.A.M.E Gallery and Links Hall in Chicago, Boston's Institute for Contemporary Art, Full Nelson Festival in Los Angeles, Philadelphia's Nexus Foundation, Cleveland International Performance Art Festival, and the Indianapolis Installation Festival.  He has recently started building an international reputation with performances in Cardiff, Wales and Krakow, Poland.  Byrd's art explores the metaphoric potential of the human body and the relationships between reality and artifice through video, movement, original music and otherworldly vocals.  Born and raised in Alabama, Byrd joined the UNI faculty in 1989 and is currently a Professor there.

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