Boca del Caballo

Boca del Caballo, Lithograph with relief, 20" x 15"

Kim Ambriz received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago where she studied photography. She received an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa in 2005.

Kim says: "As a Mexican artist who grew up in a very un-Mexican fashion, I seek through my work to connect to a past that I have always felt very detached from... My recent work is inspired by and references the style of the earliest painted Aztec histories as well as printed works by Mexican relief artists, and also alludes to cross-blood stories and trickster characters prevalent in Native American literature. I have appropriated the pictorial vocabulary of the Aztec manuscripts, altering existing figures as well as creating new symbols. Personal, repeatable symbols, which stand in for descriptions or text, connect my prints together as if they were pages in a book, a tale I create to act as my own history."

This page was first displayed
on October 19, 2004

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