installation detail (gelatin screen), Interfascia

installation detail (gelatin screen), Interfascia, site-specific installation, 2000

Kelly McLaughlin is a graduate student at the University of Iowa. She is pursuing an M.F.A in intermedia & video art, as well as a P.H.D. in American Studies. In both fields she is explicitly concerned with new media technologies. Her work often explores intimacy mediated by technology. Most recently, Kelly has been focused on creating installations that utilize video, the web, and software for authoring kinetic interfaces.

Joe Tekippe was born in 1980 in Marshalltown, Iowa. He received his BFA in intermedia and video art from the University of Iowa in 2003. He was inducted as a Kentucky colonel in the summer of 2004. He is currently living in Brooklyn, NY and working on his MFA in computer art at the School of Visual Arts. His recent work takes the form of choreographed interactions with bank tellers.

InterFascia explores the human-computer interface as an artspace and draws an analogy between this and biological, technological, and interpersonal interfaces. Interfascia used interactivity authoring software to create a space that responds to the viewer's presence. Video cameras and microphones in the installation space relayed signals to computers that processed the live signals which triggered preauthored video and audio tracks and distorted live feed to be retransmitted into the space. Gelatin screens placed on top of each cube absorbed and diffused the visual data and provided a tactile surface for the viewer to interact with.

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