(K2H) or The Song Of The Woman In the Red Dress

(K2H) or The Song Of The Woman In the Red Dress, performance, Dortmund, Germany, 1998

Wortman was born in 1943 in Sioux City, Iowa. She received her BFA in 1970 and MFAs in both Drawing (1976) and Intermedia (1998), all from the University of Iowa.

Deanne Warnholtz Wortman states: My working process is very catholic in that it begins with a phrase, a word, an observation, an action, an object from daily life or with something I have read or heard or felt. These shred of information come unbidden and in a way mysterious to me but seeming to be connected somehow. The intellectual analysis comes after. But then I can explain it to you. I use all the tools at my disposal to express these ideas: narrative, action, object, space, environment, music, drawing, painting, video. The audience is an integral component participating by bringing its own shreds of information to the piece, collaborating with me on some level.I cannot separate my art activities from my other activities; it is all of a piece.

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